New music video!

'Shoot Them All! (Box On Her Head)'


Two new gigs added for 2017, Spalding and London.


Press release 22/5/16

Lineup change and future plans.

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LATEST: Red Diesel is out on March 18th.

Our pre-order shop is now open! Click the shop tab if you want a copy.


21st May - Reviews in R2 and Songlines.


Update 5th May!

Vinyls now on sale through the shop.

Telegraph Music Reviews awarded us 5 stars, and a stunning review. "A treat of an album".


16th March

FRoots have reviewed Red Diesel, saying we are 'employing increasingly imaginative scoring.' and 'tremendous instrumental versatility'. Cheers!

EDS have reviewed the album too, giving it four stars and a positive review, despite spelling one of the tracks incorrectly (Light Dragon?) and perhaps missing the point about the Dachshund...

Bright Young Folk have put this positive review up.


10th March

Our first written review, and it is a belter! Via Folkwords blog.

"An album that is likely to exceed the heights reached by its predecessor."

"Pilgrims’ Way move through English folk with an assuredness that makes it easy to position ‘Red Diesel’ as a five-star album... and one that any self-respecting folkie must own. "

Airplay on this week's 'Under the Mason's Apron' show.


6th March

Genevieve Tudor played two tracks on BBC Radio Shropshire, saying "I’m tempted to just put this album on and leave it". We know the feeling, but eventually you'll have to come back to turn the record player off. 1hr 31, and 1hr 50.

Mike Brocken had another crack at playing the album on BBC Radio Merseyside, playing 'Maybe then I'll be a Rose'. 25mins.

On BBC Radio Wales, Frank Hennessy spins two tracks, noting “They’re very interesting and fresh in their approach to traditional music”. 14m and 1hr 26m.


24th February

Radio 2 folk show play! 27 mins in.

Radio 3 Late Junction play! 1hr 17m in.

Same day, same track!

Radio Lincolnshire have done an interview with Lucy, and played a couple of tracks.

Played on Radio Merseyside, although the title of the album, the name of the band, and the title of the track were all mixed up. Apart from that it was great!

First radio plays for Red Diesel coming in. Played twice on Mike Harding's podcast. Numbers 163 and 164.